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Quotes very good music selection awsome lights. but i was so impressed with your karaoke, very good variety and quality. i ussally go to travelodge at montana where i can sing my heart off to dj nano a&s productions. thank you Quotes
Arturo Martinez
karaoke singer

Quotes Nice job guys we love you set up, music, lights , we proudly recomend a&s productions for all your events in the near future. Dj really kept us dancing all night with their huge variety of music. thak you guys for the great job. sincerely, a satisfied customer Quotes
Elisa Molina
event cordinator

Quotes My school dances were always BORING!There was two problems that bothered me the most about the djs they hired;the songs were old or no good,and the light show was dull.i rememer this one dj wouldnt let the song play all the way and would cut off the best parts!when my school hired dj Nano of a&s productions i was very satisfied,The light show was amazing,and the songs were actually form my time decade!My friends and i loved the dance that day!I would highly recomend a&s for all your music needs,but for school dances,i would defenetly recomend dj NANO! Quotes
Sarah Sanchez
Satisfied Student

Quotes Just last week we were looking for a DJ, but mostly everyone was booked until we ran into A&S Productions on the internet and ordered one of their packages and an available DJ. Fortunately they were available and sent over DJ Kamikaze which was perfect for my event, in which it was full with young kids and they loved it! I recommend any DJ from A&S, but if your looking for a Hip-Hop specialist i recommend DJ Kamikaze Quotes
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